The Cape Collective

The Cape Collective is a community of artists that want to make an impact on keeping art education in schools. By selling our own designs on apparel, decor and other accessories, we are able to earn money and also give back (20% of proceeds) to art communities around us.

This project was an idea that was brought to life at the very beginning of 2017. As one of the co-founders, I had the hefty task of branding The Cape Co. and creating an impressionable website and online shop for this new community.



With any new project, I scour magazines and design blogs for inspiration and color palettes. The mood board below shows my thinking process and the intriguing visuals that ultimately helped create our brand.


Being a community revolving around visual and creative arts, we wanted our brand to reflect that. Everyone that is part of or supports The Cape Collective is a hero — artists, customers, organizations. Our brand as a whole is a tribute to pop-art and the love of heroics, which is why we decided to use these colors and half-tone dot treatment of the logo.



These two logos are the main ones used for social media, apparel labels and more. We also created a couple of versions ideal for web and mobile browsers. These are featured on our website and also used for some apparel labels.



To be an online-only community means three things for us: 1) we have to do a darn good job at social media outreach, 2) we have to know how to communicate with everyone involved (artists, customers & organizations we’re supporting), and 3) have an outstanding platform where customers can visit, learn about the cause and ultimately click that “purchase” button.

The use of responsive and mobile-friendly features accomplishes a lot of those goals.

On the home page, we showcase who we are, what our customers can expect from their contributions and purchases, news about artists and products, and ways to get in touch and learn about sales and other news. I have learned that if you want people to interact with the content on your website, you have to offer multiple “call-to-action” phrases, buttons and links.

On our website, there are different features like Shop Filters, a Wish List, Compare Products, and Quick View, which make it easier on our customers to shop for what they like. Customers are able to create an account and come back later to check out their saved products, order history, and track any packages.

The website launched on Saturday, January 28th, so be sure to stop by and check out all the amazing artwork you can purchase on t-shirts, leggings, art prints, coffee mugs, phone cases and more!


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